Mark Elias Gisain
Trainee | Cycle & Carriage Singapore

What are your current job position and job scope?
Trainee. Service & maintenance.

What do you learn in this company?
Service & maintenance.

How were Young Aces helped you during your college life?
Young Aces provides the essential of basic knowledge that needed if you decided to pursue this career as long as you have pay attention in class.

What would you advise for the students who want to pursue education in the automotive industry?
Just follow your heart, pray, and try your best while having fun doing it, take care of your health if you want to pursue your career to be a technician.

How you plan to achieve your goals?
Usually everything I have planned it doesn’t work out accordingly, so I will try my best to grab any opportunities that come along to me and pray that it will work out well and if it still doesn’t work out, I will keep trying again.