Ong Zhi Cong
Proton Service Centre | Sin Siang Hin (M) Sdn Bhd

What are your current job position and job scope?
My position in this company is a technician and my job scopes are servicing, doing inspections and repairing customer’s vehicle.

What do you learn in this company?
I have learned how to perform minor and major service as well as normal service, and also I’ve learned how to change the engine’s timing belt within 2 months in this company

How were Young Aces helped you during your college life?
Young Aces has given me the basic knowledge in the automotive industry, such as performing practical tasks on experimental cars provided by the college and also theory tasks which help me to gain more knowledge on what I’ve already know and what I didn’t know previously, therefore it makes it easier for me to understand on which part I must work hard on.

What would you advise for the students who want to pursue education in the automotive industry?
Always be at your best form, by being at your best form can help you to learn with good patience, a calm mind and achieved what you are aiming for.

How you plan to achieve your goals? 
Take Action, Try Hard, Keep Practicing, Explore Alternative Ways, Ask for Advice, Do Your Best, Observe and Learn how others did it, Build Upon Your Strength, Reflect and Fix Mistakes, Don’t Give Up.